5 Reasons To Own A Lavender Pillow

Lavender Pillow
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Like everyone else, you deserve to have a great night of sleep. Aside from getting seven to nine hours of slumber.

You should have quality sleep to get full energy and start your day right. One of the ways you could achieve this is by using the right kind of pillow. 

There are various types of pillows you could select from. But among those that stand out are lavender pillows.

With this kind of pillow, you’ll surprisingly enjoy the benefits. And you will feel relaxed and healthy feeling the moment you wake up. So, there are many reasons to own a lavender pillow.

But in this article, we will discuss the 5 reasons to own a lavender pillow.

What A Lavender Pillow Is?

5 Reasons To Own A Lavender Pillow
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Before getting into further details. You might be wondering what a lavender pillow is? And how different it is from the traditional memory foam and down pillows you usually see on the market.

A lavender pillow is a small type of pillow that uses lavender buds as its main fill. With this, you can expect to smell a relaxing aroma. Along with the benefits a lavender could bring to your health. 

A lavender pillow is normally small in size. So it’s best to place it on your bedside or tuck it underneath your main pillow. In this way, you can sleep and enjoy the aroma, allowing you to have a great night of slumber.  

Benefits Of A Lavender Pillow 

benefits of lavender pillow
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Reasons to own a lavender pillow is your health benefit. A lavender pillow could provide you plenty of health benefits that may allow you to enjoy the full rest you deserve at night. Some of these benefits we have listed below.  

1. Could Help You Fall Asleep 

Many people use a lavender pillow to help them fall asleep faster. Lavender is a famous relaxing agent that’s believed to provide a calming and peaceful feeling.

If you need the lavender’s power to help you fall asleep better and faster at night. So using a lavender pillow is beneficial for you.

When you’re in a serene mood, you could drift to sleep faster and better. Especially as it takes your mind off the stress. This could make you focus on sleeping rather than worrying about your problems. 

You can use the lavender pillow every night for better sleep. Then you can just replace the buds every six months to ensure the pillow would constantly give off a relaxing scent.  

2. Could Alleviate Pain  

Going through surgery is painful, especially during the recovery process. During this period, you might not complete your usual daily activities, making you feel unhappy and uncomfortable during the day.

Apart from the downhill of your emotions, you might feel the pain of the stitches. Especially when the anesthesia wears off.  

To help lessen the painful sensation, consider using a lavender pillow. Which is claimed to be a pain reliever agent that could help put you in a lighter and better mood.

However, it’s not an alternative to a pain reliever but rather a helping aid that could make you feel better right after surgery.  

3. Made Of All-Natural Materials 

There’s nothing better than being able to grab all of the benefits of a lavender pillow and still be on an all-natural side.

While there are plenty of synthetic materials that may aid a person in falling asleep. Using all-natural materials could provide a safer option, eliminating any possibilities of allergic reactions from chemicals.  

Generally, a lavender pillow uses all-natural materials that could provide all the benefits a lavender has to offer. Aside from being made from all-natural materials.

Lavender pillows are also organic, making them hypoallergenic and less likely to attract dust mites, which is perfect for allergy sufferers.  

If you’re curious to see what’s inside a lavender pillow, see the below video.

4. Provides Additional Comfort 

Even though a lavender pillow comes in small size, it could provide additional comfort, allowing you to sleep better at night. If you place it inside your main pillow, it can give your head an extra lift, which may allow you to feel warm as you lay your head on it every night.  

Besides the additional comfort a lavender pillow brings, it’s also believed to help alleviate back, neck, and shoulder pains.

Since a lavender pillow can provide small additional height to your pillow, it could help promote proper posture, allowing you to wake up free from body aches.  

5. May Help Relieve Anxiety  

Lavender is a popular ingredient that’s said to provide a calming and relaxing effect. As such, sleeping with a lavender pillow may help relieve anxiety, making you feel more at ease as you sleep at night. It might not guarantee to free you of anxiety and depression, but it could help make you feel at peace.  

To maximize the capability of lavender, you can take advantage of its other uses in your nighttime routine. You can put a few drops into your essential oil diffuser, take lavender tea before sleeping, or have a warm, relaxing long bath with the scent of lavender oil.

The aroma of the lavender oil could make you feel relaxed and calm, but try not to overdo it as an intense scent may cause you sinus and headaches. 

The reasons to own a lavender pillow have various possibilities. And I hope the above described benefits are convincing to get one.

How To Create Your Own Lavender Pillow 

5 reasons to own a lavender pillow
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While you can easily purchase a lavender pillow, you might want to use your creativity by making one on your own.

Apart from saving plenty of money, you can also create numerous lavender pillows for every member of your household. By doing this, you can finally find a way to get rid of the old fabrics you have no other use for.  

To create your lavender pillow, you’d need to prepare the following:  

  •       Dried lavender flowers 
  •       Lavender essential oil (optional)  
  •       Sock, extra fabric, or foot of a pantyhose 
  •       Ribbon or thread and needle 

After preparing the materials, you can begin crafting your lavender pillow. Just ensure you have enough dried lavender flowers to fill in your fabric for a fully loaded end product. If you’d like to have a stronger lavender scent, adding a few drops of lavender essential oil could help.  

Steps to Create a Lavender Pillow

To start creating your lavender pillow, follow the steps below:  

  1. If you’re using an extra fabric, cut out a rectangular shape that folds perfectly into a square shape. The size may vary depending on your preference, but you can go for either 2×2 or 3×3 inches for your lavender pillow. After cutting the fabric, sew the three ends but leave one side open to fill in your lavender flowers. Depending on your choice, you can sew the fabric inside out for a clean finish or allow people to see it’s truly handmade.  
  2. After sewing the three ends of the fabric or preparing your sock, you can begin to add dried lavender flowers until they’re ¾ full. This should allow them to have a wiggle room and move around and avoid getting too crowded. If you’d like to have a stronger lavender scent, this would be the perfect time to add in a few drops of lavender essential oil before sealing in the pillow.  
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the strength of the lavender’s scent, you can now seal the pillow using a ribbon or thread and needle. If you’ve decided to use a ribbon, do a triple knot to ascertain the pillow won’t burst open when you put it into a pillowcase. For a more secure option, you can sew the ends to ensure no dried lavender flowers can get out of the bag.  

When creating a lavender pillow, you can maximize your creativity by making different designs. Aside from making extras for the entire family, you can use this as a gift for your next event. It may be an excellent gift idea for any occasion. 

Introducing Lavender Eye Pillow 

Other than the traditional lavender pillow, you can also use lavender as an eye pillow. With this, you can completely surround yourself with the relaxing aroma of dried lavender flowers, allowing you to doze off better at night. A lavender eye pillow may also be helpful during yoga, giving you a fully comfortable experience every session.  

There are three ways a lavender eye pillow can be used. You can apply it either cold or warm for certain purposes, or you can use it under room temperature to relax your eyes:  

Cold: If you’re experiencing migraines and headaches, using a cold lavender pillow might help relieve any tension and pain. To keep the pillow cool, try placing it inside the freezer. However, be sure to put it in a resealable bag to keep its scent inside and avoid spreading it throughout the room.  

Warm: For a relaxing feeling, warming your lavender eye pillow would be a fantastic idea to keep you calm and serene. To warm your eye pillow, microwave it in low heat. It shouldn’t be too hot because high heat could burn your skin and damage the quality of the pillow.  

Room temperature: To keep you relaxed, you can let the pillow sit on your eyes and allow its natural aroma to flow around you. You can choose to add a few drops of essential oil to maximize its effects, but you need to dry the oil before placing the pillow over your eyes.  


Finally, we can say the reasons to own a lavender pillow is because it’s is a popular natural relaxing and calming agent that could soothe you in many ways. Aside from that, it’s said to provide plenty of benefits for your health.

If you want to see these claimed benefits for yourself, you can perhaps try using a lavender pillow, especially since it doesn’t come with a high price tag. It could even be a great solution for any aches you’re experiencing.