Useful Home Safety Checklist To Make Your Home Safer

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Did you realize that a home burglary happens every 26 seconds in the United States? Falling victim to a home invasion can be extremely traumatic.

In most cases, people will feel unsafe in their surroundings when their residence is burglarized. Instead of dealing with the trauma that can arise from a home burglary. You need to work on avoiding these incidents altogether.

If you are serious about home security, you will have to work hard to find and fix the security vulnerabilities your residence has. Keeping this inspection organized is much easier if you use a home safety checklist. Here are some things you need to include on your home safety checklist.

Assess The Condition of Your Existing Home Security System

home safety checklist

Homeowners that are serious about security usually invest in the latest home security technology on the market. If you currently have a security system in place. You need to check it to ensure it is still operational.

As time goes by, a home security system will start to become outdated. An outdated security system can create lots of problems, which is why replacing them is so vital.

There are a number of modern security systems on the market that are both effective and affordable. A new Honeywell security system is a great addition to any home. Not only are these systems affordable, but you can control this system with voice-activated devices like the Amazon Alexa.

Reaching out to professionals that install these types of alarms is vital when trying to choose the best one for your residence. Once the right system has been selected, these professionals can get it installed in no time at all.

Inspect Your Exterior Lighting

When creating a home safety checklist, you need to consider the outside of your home. A burglar will look for a few basic things when trying to select homes to invade. The average criminal will gravitate towards homes that have dimly-lit exteriors.

This lack of light makes it extremely easy for a burglar to hide in the shadows while attempting to gain entrance to a home. If you have little to no exterior lighting on your residence, it is time to make changes.

Illuminating the exterior of your home with the help of a quality landscape lighting system is a wise move. Not only will these lights help to add safety to your home, they can also boost the level of curb appeal you have.

Trying to install exterior lights on your own is a recipe for disaster. This is why allowing experienced professionals to handle this complex job is your best course of action.

Take a Look At Your Exterior Doors

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Homeowners spend billions of dollars annually on improvement projects. If you want to make upgrades that enhance the security your home has, then you need to consider replacing your exterior doors. And it’s also important to have a good quality interior door.

If your exterior doors are damaged or seem flimsy, they can be easily kicked in by a motivated burglar. You can improve home security by investing in durable metal or wooden doors.

Before buying new exterior doors for your home, you need to check out the reviews they’ve received. Ideally, you want to find exterior door options that are being raved about by buyers on the Internet.

You can also add extra security to this part of your home by installing a security bar or a door jammer. By doing this, you can make your exterior doors extremely secure.

Consider Investing in a Video Doorbell

Answering the door of your home without knowing who is on the other side is dangerous. If there have been a number of home invasions in your area, then you need to find ways to keep your residence safe.

Modern burglars are quite brazen and routinely force their way into homes that are occupied. As you check your home for possible security vulnerabilities, you should consider installing a video doorbell.

These doorbells allow you to see a live feed from a camera mounted near your front door. Many of the video doorbells on the market have technology that allows the user to talk to people at their front door from their phones. You can also use these doorbells remotely if you find yourself traveling away from home.

Do You Need New Fire Safety Equipment?

Fire Safety Equipment

As a homeowner, you have to focus on preparing for danger. Thousands of homes burn down in the United States every year. Things like electrical shorts and lightning strikes can lead to fires developing inside of your residence.

Kitchen appliance fires are also extremely common. And that is why you need to work on putting equipment in place to protect your residence.

A functional fire extinguisher and a reliable sprinkler system can save your home from a fire. If you don’t currently have a fire extinguisher. It is time to invest in one.

Reaching out to a fire protection company is the best way to figure out what equipment you need to protect your residence. While new fire protection equipment might be costly. So it is definitely a worthy investment.

Fix or Replace Damaged Windows

Another important thing you need to include on your home safety checklist is a thorough inspection of your windows. As time goes by, your windows will start to show signs of wear.

Old and damaged windows are much easier for burglars to break. During your inspection, you also need to look at the condition of the locks on your windows.

If the locks appear to be damaged or missing, you need to take action immediately. In some cases, the best way to address the problems your existing windows have is by replacing them.

Not only can new windows help improve home security, but they can also reduce energy consumption rates. With the help of professionals. You can get new windows installed the right way.

As you can see, making your home a safe place isn’t easy. By following the great tips mentioned here. You can make your home an impenetrable fortress.