Moving Into a New Home? 5 Things You Need to do ASAP

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Moving into a new home is a very exciting time, and is something many people look forward to. There is a lot of excitement about the new space. And a lot of work goes into packing up your old home and moving things to the new place.

However, amongst the excited feelings and moving prep, there are some other things you need to think about. They might not be as obvious or fun but are still a very important part of moving. And things that you certainly don’t want to forget.

Without any further ado, let’s go over a few moving tips that you need to do when you are moving into a new home.

Switch Utilities and Update Address

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This is among the most important things to do. And is something you should definitely think about doing well before you move in. While most real estate agents will let home buyers know about them, they are things that people consistently forget about.

You will want to switch your service for things like power, water, internet, and energy to your new address from your old one, to continue service. Also, be sure that you are no longer paying for service at your old address.

If you don’t switch over your utilities. You will be in for a rude awakening when you are moving into a new home. And cannot turn on the lights or turn on the furnace.

You generally want to give at least a few week’s notices to utility companies, but the exact amount of time can depend. Reach out to the companies in your area to see what they recommend.

In addition to your utilities. You want to change your address with your car insurance company, your bank. And a variety of other services that may require it.

Do a Deep Clean

deep clean when moving into a new home

Another thing you want to do as soon as you are moving into a new home. Deep clean your new home. While many sellers will clean up their homes before selling, others won’t do a very good job.

You never want to trust that the seller did a good job, so always clean a home before you move in. Also, cleaning when the home is empty (such as the drawers, fridge, and cabinets) will be much easier than having to move a ton of stuff.

Of course, you should know how to deep clean your new home, too. Be sure to work from top to bottom, get every little nook and cranny, and pay extra attention to rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, as those often get the dirtiest. 

Sure, this takes some time but is the only surefire way to ensure that your home is completely clean. If you don’t feel like spending hours cleaning, there is always the option of hiring professional cleaners. They will finish the job quickly and effectively, in many cases.

Change Out the Locks

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Once you move into a new house, it is a very good idea to change the locks. Whether you rekey or replace your locks, you need to make sure that no other person will have access to your home. If you simply keep the same locks, it is a major security risk.

Even if the last homeowner gave you the keys, there are no guarantees that they didn’t make a ton of spares that exist in the world. It is simply better for your peace of mind and security to ensure only your keys work. Of course, get a couple of spares to give to family members or close friends.

The cost to get a lock rekeyed is incredibly affordable. And is something all new home buyers should do. A full replacement you only need if the locks are in bad shape or damaged in some other way.

Make Necessary Repairs

necessary home repair

Even if you buy a home that is in good shape. There is a good chance there will be a couple of repairs that you will want to make. If you get a home inspection, the inspector will likely make note of the things that should be repaired. And things that could be repaired if you want.

A good idea is to go through your inspection report and highlight the areas that may need work, and leave some notes so you never forget what the inspector told you or showed you.

If you make note of these, but then forget about them, they will generally sit undone for a long time. As a result, prioritize making necessary home repairs as soon as possible to ensure they actually get done.

While you don’t need to make everything perfect. You certainly want to make any changes to things that are potentially dangerous or hazardous.

Choose What Goes Where

furniture right placement

Once you have moved into your home, it’s a good idea to plan out where things are going to go. Break it down by each room, and have a list of which items will go there.

Have a list for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and other spaces in the house. If possible, also pack items that will go into the same room in the same box.

If you have a plan, it can make unpacking a lot easier and streamlined. No one likes unpacking, but doing this work ahead of time can make it much easier. Going at it without a plan can make things much more challenging and time-consuming.

Many people wait way too long to unpack their items, which leads to cardboard boxes littering the home for months and months. This tip ensures you have a plan of attack, and can get moved in quicker and much more effectively.

In conclusion, these are some things you need to do as soon as possible if you are moving into a new home. They are often easily forgotten but play an incredibly important role in ensuring your move goes as smoothly as possible.