6 Bathroom Upgrade Ideas to Improve A Home Value

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When investing in home upgrades to increase resale value, the bathroom has the highest return on investment.

Investing in a bathroom upgrade will appeal to future buyers while making your home feel more comfortable and welcoming for you. 

As bathroom renovations can be expensive and disruptive, it’s essential to know where to direct your resources.

Here are six bathroom upgrade ideas that improve your home’s value.

Shower Upgrades

shower bathroom upgrade

Shower upgrades are another valuable bathroom remodeling project to increase your home’s resale value. Consider ripping out outdated shower-tub combos. Replace them with a luxurious walk-in shower.

There are several approaches to take with this upgrade. Installing a frameless stall will add a touch of luxury and space. If you have the space, you can install a doorless shower to cut cleaning needs. Design and functionality are essential for this project.

Steam showers are another popular option in bathroom remodeling projects. These showers are luxurious, comforting, and eco-friendly. Standard showers use approximately two gallons of water per minute.

Steam showers use about two gallons of water in 30 minutes. Steam shower installations are costly and specialized, but they add tremendous value and offer a high ROI.

Shower upgrades also present the opportunity to make your home more accessible. Installing a roll-in shower or adding a bench will help your bathroom appeal to people with mobility limitations. 

One caveat with this upgrade: if you live in a neighborhood that attracts young families, it’s integral to have a nice bathtub in your home. Young children typically have baths until they’re school-age.

Radiant In-Floor Heating

Heated floors are a hot topic when you search for the right home upgrades— especially in the bathrooms. This home upgrade adds a wow factor that potential buyers will remember.

While ceramic tile is the preferred flooring for modern bathrooms, the cold surface is jarring during the winter months. Adding radiant, in-floor heating eliminates that problem and makes the bathroom more appealing.

In-floor heating isn’t as cost-prohibitive as it once was. Modern mat systems cost between $10-15 per square foot. The average bathroom size is around 40 square feet, making it possible for many homeowners to complete this project for under $1000.

In-floor heating offers even heat distribution. This heating option is considered more energy-efficient than other approaches. As heat rises, starting at the lowest possible point makes sense.

Experts estimate that basic underfloor heating can cut annual heating costs by 15%. While the bathroom is a small part of the home, this installation could pay for itself over time.

Realtors report this heating option as one of the top upgrades buyers love.

Soaker Tubs

bathroom upgrade soaker tub

While jacuzzis are once again falling out of fashion, soaker tubs are here to stay. This bathroom upgrade works well in the master ensuite— a room with an even higher ROI than the main bath.

Soaker tubs only add value if the space can support them. In other words, don’t add a soaker tub to a small bathroom; adding functional storage and floorspace are more valuable. Opting for a thinner, freestanding soaker tub creates more space and isn’t as oppressive as inset models.

This upgrade won’t appeal to every potential buyer. Yet, this feature is on many buyer wishlists and is worth considering if you’re creating a luxury bathroom.

Vanity Upgrades

Upgrading the vanity is another worthwhile investment. At the very least, replacing outdated styles with modern, neutral alternatives is a must. Replace outdated faucets and countertops with something more appealing and refresh the caulking.

If you have a clunky, cupboard-style vanity, consider replacing it with a floating vanity or pedestal sink. These alternatives create the illusion of more floor space in a small bathroom. These styles also contribute to better accessibility.

One of the downsides of eliminating a cupboard-style vanity for a pedestal sink is the loss of storage space. Get creative and add recessed shelving or an over-the-toilet storage unit.

You could also add a small bench with hidden storage next to the tub or shower. Staging the room with aesthetically-pleasing storage baskets will also optimize the space. 

Adding a double sink can be a selling feature in the master bathroom. Couples live busy lives, and getting ready in shared spaces can be challenging. Adding a double vanity set-up with two sinks and distinct areas is very attractive in a family-style home.

Varied Lighting

Varied lighting

Having several lighting options is a feature most homeowners don’t think of until they see it in action. If your bathroom has a single, unremarkable overhead light, it’s time for an upgrade.

Start by installing bright, even vanity lighting that improves the experience of getting ready. Replace tired overhead fixtures with a statement piece like a chandelier or pendant. 

Moody shower lighting will create a relaxing atmosphere that pairs well with a bathroom upgrade. Adding an electric fireplace to the wall between the master bath and bedroom is also a nice, luxurious touch that will add a wow factor when selling your home.

Finally, add dim lighting along the baseboards or vanity to use during late-night trips to the bathroom. These nightlights should provide enough light to avoid tripping or stubbing a toe without being bright enough to wake someone completely. This feature is also beneficial in family-oriented homes.

Adding a Second Bathroom

The most valuable bathroom upgrade is adding a second bathroom in homes that only have one. Too few bathrooms are one of the main deterrents for potential buyers. If you have a multi-story home, there should be a bathroom on each floor.

Adding a full bathroom can increase your home’s resale value by 5.7% while adding a half bath can increase it by 2.9%. This upgrade does fall victim to the law of diminishing returns. In other words, building a second bathroom adds exponential value. , adding a third or fourth bathroom won’t yield the same results.

Talk to a realtor before investing in a significant bathroom remodel. Understanding your market and who’s most likely to buy your home is integral for getting the best possible ROI.